The Resurgent “Fengqiao Experience”

Fengqiao experience is an experience created by Fengqiao Town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province in the early 1960s to “mobilize the masses and strengthen the dictatorship over class enemies”.Chinese Communist Party (CCP) categorized so called ‘bad “people into 4 classes or so-called elements, i.e.” landlords,’ richer peasants’, rightists and anti-revolutionaries at that time, these ‘Bad people “ were referred to as class enemies as well by CCP. The CCP used the local “good” people who were not these 4 elements to monitor and control the class enemies. CCP deliberately created hatred among ordinary people, turned them into enemies. By utilizing the tactic of grouping several to control and battle with One , to mobilize the masses and strengthen the dictatorship over class enemies. This is a means for CCP to solidify its dictatorial and authoritarian regime.The Fengqiao experience advocates the so-called “cultural struggle” other than “military struggle”, with the ideological remolding as the main ways of brainwashing to monitor and reform the so-called anti-revolutionaries. It was as a matter of fact a way of mental persecution to make the person under monitoring to surrender. The interpersonal relations in Chinese society hugely deteriorated after the implementation of the Fengqiao experience.After the 18th Party Congress of China, Xi Jinping reintroduced the “Fengqiao Experience”, meaning that he wanted to strengthen the control of the Chinese people and amend the constitution to make a lifelong system. In late April 2020, during a visit to Shanxi, Xi again emphasized the importance of the “Fengqiao Experience” in times of epidemic, and the surveillance and control of the Chinese people have reached an unprecedented level.

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