Miles Guo’s ‘Chained Dream’ & ‘Terminator Snow’ Debut on Apple Music

On April 3, after overcoming many hurdles covertly deployed by the CCP, Miles Guo’s two new songs finally debuted on the Apple Music store, namely, ‘Chained Dream’ and ‘Terminator Snow’As of April 4th, ‘the Terminator Snow’ immediately soared to the first place of the music chart in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan, and won the 2nd place in Macau and Cambodia. ‘Chained Dream’ ranked first in Macau and Cambodia, while taking the second place in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.‘The Terminator Snow’ is adapted from a well-known song “Snow in the Northern Country”, of which according to Miles’ trusted source, would be featured during the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Xi, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, had planned to use this song to pass as an image of romance and culture of the CCP in front of the world.Miles decisively picked this song and rendered a new adaption of the song, with an invigorating beat and the theme of taking down the CCP. The Chained Dream, an adaption of a well-known song called ‘Women Flower’, is based on the true story of an abducted chained-woman whose tragic life is a representation of countless Chinese women. The song is produced by GMusic, sung by Miles Guo, in hope to awaken the still-asleep Chinese people, who are in a sense all chained spiritually by the CCP. Just as the lyrics perfectly put, ‘Wake up, stop being so cold and indifferent! Wake up, break free from the shackles of cowardice!’

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