Pope Implicitly Criticizes Putin for Launching Invasion of Ukraine

On April 2, Pope Francis made a rare expression of criticizing Putin for launching the invasion of Ukraine, saying it was a major power that was fomenting a warlike conflict for nationalist interests.

Putin said that the invasion of Ukraine was only an extraordinary military operation, but Francis rejected Putin’s claim outright and called the operation a war. Earlier, Francis had called for an end to the war in the Name of God for the Ukrainian Sufferers in the war.

Miles Guo mentioned on the Grand Live Broadcast that the Pope is not allowed to express his views on either side of the war, but what happened to the women and the children in the war in Ukraine brought tears to people’s eyes. The Russian-Ukrainian war has given the Pope and ordinary people a rare consensus that Putin is evil as the aggressor, and that the dream of peace for humanity will not fade because of war. The Pope not only appealed and prayed for the War Sufferers but also implicitly criticized Putin, saying that the conflict of interests and ideologies, once again emerged forcefully in the midst of tyrannical temptation, and imperialist aggression. Undoubtedly, Putin is unjustifiably aggressive, and the Pope strongly condemned his war atrocities.

Francis has already spoken on the line with Ukrainian President Zelenskyy and the Pope may visit Kyiv soon.

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