Shanghai’s Lockdown Policy Exacerbates Tensions Between Officials And Residents

According to Gettr news, on April 1, local time, in response to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus epidemic, Shanghai has imposed more stringent lockdown measures, resulting in residents living in an unbearable situation with a shortage of living materials and skyrocketing prices overnight. A related report mentioned that an elderly resident in a community of Weifang Five-Village, Pudong, Shanghai, who was incapable of purchasing food online during the lockdown due to a lack of online ordering skills, approached the community committee for assistance, but the tiff escalated into a physical confrontation between the two parties.

According to other residents in the community, the neighborhood committee has been entirely inactive in solving livelihood material purchase problems during the lockdown, leading to many elderly in the community facing food shortages. The neighborhood residents engaged the committee staff in a fierce physical confrontation when seeking solutions to the problem. Subsequently, a committee civil servant published a bulletin to announce that all committee members would go on strike given their safety was at risk.

In this regard, sources analyzed that since the neighborhood committee, which is the smallest administrative unit within the CCP’s system, is the first level of enforcement of the CCP’s “zero policy,” this collective strike and dissolution of the neighborhood committee is a visual representation of the beginning of the CCP’s collapse.

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