GETTR Users Count Enjoys Explosive 34% Growth in March

According to Gettr’s official report on March 31, the number of registered accounts on the social media platform known for its freedom of speech, Gettr, surged 34% in March 2022 alone. To that end, Gettr CEO Mr. Jason Miller said, “Every day, people are reminded that the Silicon Valley oligarchs are enemies of free speech, and every day that’s good news for GETTR, since we are a platform dedicated to free expression”.

Just like many of the users expressed in their GETTR posts, the users know that they will not be censored or canceled because of their political opinions. This is such a rare find that appeals to people of all political persuasions.Gettr also offers some of the best features available on social media platforms, including Vision. This is a short video option currently in beta testing that will take on the likes of TikTok and Instagram. Gettr will also soon expand access to live streaming and launching encrypted direct messages.

Also, there is this online appreciation and tipping feature designed for encouraging content creators. This is made possible because of GETTR has a unique payment system that is two-coin digital-currency based. The users of GETTR are pleasantly surprised by their experience, not just because of freedom of speech, but also the top-notch user experience, all made possible by the vision of the founders, backed up by the world-class technology. As Miller put it, “Our technology is better, the engagement is higher, it’s more fun for the people to communicate with each other on the Gettr.”

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