German Politics: China Is “Systemic Rival” Threatening German Economy

On March 30, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner voiced his concerns about the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its trade at a sensitive time before the EU-China summit.

Lindner stated in a speech on 29th March that, “We have to recognize that we have an enormous risk.” “China doesn’t respect our social model, our understanding of liberality, or our recognition of international law.” The Free Democrat leader expressed: “Our trade relationship with China is almost a concentration risk for our economy, “It may be a trading partner, but it’s also a systemic rival.”

It’s reported that the EU is currently highly consistent with the United States on the issue of treating the CCP; that is, if the CCP tries to ease the world’s sanctions against Russia, it will face serious consequences. The analysts with the EU said some EU officials suspect China may be ready to supply semiconductors and other technology hardware to Russia. Although Lindner didn’t mention this, he did emphasize what the CCP meant to Germany.

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