Gettr Takes Russian Related Information Seriously To Ensure Freedom of Speech

On March 29, Jason Miller, the CEO of the social media platform GETTR, criticized Twitter’s double standard policies. He said that Twitter allows dictators such as Vladimir Putin to use and express their views on its platform while blocks and censors President Trump and Tucker Carlson’s twitter account.Regarding the Russian misinformation propaganda, Jason said that Gettr takes any information related to Russia seriously. Due to the fact that Russian government has used bots to spread its propaganda, Gettr has decided to block all Russian accounts from using Gettr completely.

Jason also said that Gettr follows the laws and regulations of any EU countries. At the same time, Gettr will pay attention to those contents who violate the terms such as self-harm information, violence, and any forms of propaganda to ensure that users on the platform will have a free environment to share different views.

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