Russian Foreign Minister Calls Out: China and Russia in Strongest Ties in History

Foreign media reports that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is expected to meet with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi, after an international conference on the situation in Afghanistan tomorrow. The conference involves six countries, among them are China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran. Japanese media speculate that the Russian and Chinese foreign ministers are meeting to exchange views on the situation in Ukraine, and that the Russian side may seek help from the CCP, which has always taken a pro-Russian stance.

Speaking to the media, Lavrov stressed that Russia’s relations with the CCP are at their strongest tiers ever. Reuters reports that Beijing has repeatedly opposed joint Western sanctions against Moscow and insisted on maintaining normal economic and trade relations with Russia, refusing to condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. If the CCP carries out its support stance for Russia, it seems likely to provide relevant support to Russia.

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