Outbreak Occurs on Ruby Princess Despite All Being Fully Vaccinated

On March 27, the Ruby Princess Cruise ship returned to its home port of San Francisco from its trip to Panama. Even though all members on board had been fully vaccinated before going to sea, they notified the U.S. Centre of Disease Control that several crew members had been diagnosed with the CCP virus after returning.

The cruise ship ended its 15-day journey in the Panama Canal on the 27th, and in accordance with the requirements of the Port of San Francisco, the number of confirmed cases was notified to the authorities 24 hours before entering the port. The number of people that were infected on the ship has not been announced, but according to the CDC, they will carry out investigation if more than 0.10% of the passengers on any cruise ship are infected.

The outbreak on cruise ships was a major concern when the pandemic first began two years ago. After governments of various countries extensively promoting mandatory vaccination in the past two years, there was optimism throughout societies that the outbreak would be contained, and cruise ship tourism activities would be reopened. The outbreak of the CCP virus on the Ruby Princess cruise ship this time has once again proven and warned the world that the CCP virus vaccine is not effective at all.

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