Germany May Prosecute Individuals Who Endorse Russia by Displaying Z Symbol

According to Al Jazeera English on Mar 28th, the spokesman of German Interior Ministry said individuals who display the letter Z to symbolize support for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine could be liable to prosecution. It was learnt that the white Z was emblazoned on military vehicles deployed in Ukraine since the invasion on Feb 24th. Consequently, the majority of individuals and groups who endorsed Russia’s aggression used this letter as a symbol, which also appeared in the parade expressing its full solidarity with the Kremlin.

In this respect, two German states, Bavaria and Lower Saxony, has outlawed the public display of Z symbol with any violator facing up to three years in prison. The Interior Ministry spokesman said the letter Z as such was of course not forbidden, but its use might in individual cases constitute an endorsement of the Russian war of aggression, which was a criminal act. Whoever publicly approved of this war of aggression could make himself liable to prosecution. The spokesman also called for all federal states to examine whether the use of Z symbol could be a criminal act and to take action accordingly.

The Russian Defense Ministry indicated it stood for za pobedu, translated to for victory.


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