G7 Rejects Putin Regime’s Demand for Gas Payment in Rubles

The Central News Agency reported on March 28th that the G7 energy ministers rejected President Vladimir Putin’s demand that “unfriendly” countries would have to pay for Russian gas in rubles. German Economy and Climate Protection Minister Habeck said that all G7 members have agreed that Russia’s demand for “payment in rubles” is “unacceptable” and that Putin was “backed against the wall” to make such a request. He stressed that G7 has great unity and will not be divided by Putin.

Last week, Russian President Putin announced that “unfriendly countries” involved in sanctions against Russia, including all G7 and EU members, would have to pay for Russian gas only in rubles. After a virtual meeting with G7 energy ministers, Minister Habeck told reporters that all G7 ministers agree that Putin’s demand is, “a unilateral and clear breach of the existing agreements.” As the European countries are highly reliant on Russian gas, Germany is prepared for all scenarios if Russia cuts natural gas supplies to European customers.

Habeck criticized that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has undermined global peace and order, describing Russia as being an unreliable supplier, and believes that it is necessary to reduce dependence on Russian gas, coal, and crude oil.Russia’s brazen assault on Ukraine since February 24th has ended Germany’s reliance on Russian energy sources. Germany will stop importing Russian bituminous coal and crude oil by the end of this year and is expected to free itself from the Russian natural gas supply by 2024.

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