Biden’s Speech In Ukraine Will Change The World

During the grand broadcast on March 27, Miles Guo made an in-depth interpretation of President Biden’s speech in Ukraine. He believes Biden’s Ukrainian speech would completely change the world’s politics, region, economy and culture.

Mr. Guo said President Biden’s speech marked the beginning of transformations in human societies and ushered in an era of great changes. First, the old international rules no longer applied and the UN would disintegrate with Communist China, India and Russia ousted. However, Japan would join the UN in future.

Second, the UK and EU would demonstrate unprecedented solidarity and form a true greater Europe. Germany could replace Russia and would have greater influence on the military landscape worldwide. Strong and unyielding Ukraine would inherit the European spirit and become the center of technology, energy and economy in Europe. The European countries would completely emerge from the energy shortage.

Third, the U.S. becomes the biggest winner in Russia-Ukraine war from which the revolutionary technology would be born. Space resources and new energy like solar energy would be widely used in various areas. Although Biden’s address in Ukraine targeted Putin, he actually took aim at CCP’s leader Xi Jinping. Miles asserted that Communist China would disintegrate, India would regress to pre-WWII status quo, Japan would become a new superpower and the U.S. would start a renewed focus on Asia.From the end of this year to the next year, the world would reshape the political landscape in the shortest time possible, entering a new era with democracy rather than autocracy.

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Translated by: MOS Buddhism Team-Ronald Yan
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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