Summary of Latest Update On NFSC’s Ukraine Rescue Operation

First, let’s us take a look at the latest situation of the New Federal State of China (NFSC) Ukraine Rescue Operation. According to the news updated by our fellow fighters FeiFei on Gettr, and confirmation from Xiao Fei Xia, as of March 10, EST, the rescue buses dispatched by the NFSC and Rule of Law Foundation (ROLF) has arrived in the border city of Lviv at 11:30 am local time in Ukraine and immediately started the rescue work.

However, our brother Wen Ke who has been working tirelessly at the rescue site in Medica, Poland, is not feeling well at the moment and has returned to the hotel to take a rest. He will decide whether to go to the local hospital for treatment according to his physical condition. At present, the Himalaya Alliance is coordinating another comrade to take the place of “Wen Ke” on subsequent rescue works. According to our frontline reporter Nicole, given that the large tents set up by the NFSC and ROLF in the area consist of excellent hardware facilities, they have now been borrowed by the ICRC as a staging area for the transfer of children.

In addition, someone inside Communist China learned about this rescue effort by the NFSC through YouTube, and express a strong desire to help. As a result, this compatriot purposely registered a Gettr account to contact Fei Fei, hoping to be of some help. After communication, this kind-hearted individual has donated to the ROLF to support the frontline rescue operation.According to Fei Fei, the NFSC and ROLF’s humanitarian rescue efforts have now attracted more and more attention internationally, which has made more people aware of the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) and the importance of the NFSC to the Chinese people.

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