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“G|TALKS 2022: Connecting Cultures Through Love,” an annual grand ceremony sponsored by G|CLUB, was held on March 26. In the live broadcast, both Miles Guo and the hosts displayed several pieces of G|FASHION and shared the significance of fashion.

Miles said that fashionable dressing makes one’s eyes wide open, and G|FASHION does just that. Fashion represents an attitude toward life and is an extension of one’s essence. Mr. Guo recalls his mother, who never lost her spirit and tenacity for life even in extreme hardship. Likewise, the refugees fleeing from Ukraine after Russia’s attack dressing in decency also show fashion.

When the ceremony was on, the volunteers from the New Federal State of China conducted humanitarian rescue operations on the frontline in Ukraine. Miles particularly invited, Wenyao, one of the volunteers from the front-line team, to participate in the live broadcast and draw prizes, the significance of which was extraordinary. She said that she felt honored and happiest to be able to help and give in the Ukrainian front line as a representative of the NFSC.

Miles pointed out that G|TALKS is an exchange of love and fashion. Regardless of the times, it is crucial to have faith in the Divine and live well every step of the present moment. He concluded the annual event by saying, “We are guided by all gods and Buddhas in the Heaven, and all power comes from the Heaven. Our G|CLUB members were young, wise, hardworking, brave, sharing, and selfless at this annual meeting. The whole annual grand ceremony reflects the heavenly will.”

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