All the people on board the crashed Eastern Airlines plane were killed, officials say they found the second black box

The official media of Chinese Communist Party released news on the 26th that Hu Zhenjiang, deputy director of the State Civil Aviation Administration, confirmed in an interview with reporters that evening that no signs of life were found at the crash site of China Eastern Airlines MU5735, and that all 123 passengers and nine crew members had been killed.

The search team said earlier that it had confirmed the DNA of 120 people on board. According to the official media, at around 9:20 a.m. local time on the 27th, firefighters found an orange canister under a 1.5-meter layer of soil on the slope of the hillside east of the impact site, which experts confirmed was the second black box of the “3-21” Eastern Airlines flight accident. And claimed that the appearance of the data storage unit is relatively intact, the other parts of the recorder are severely damaged. At present, the second black box has been handed over to aviation experts to prepare for the subsequent decoding work. The first black box of the previously crashed airliner was found on March 23 and has been sent to Beijing for expert examination.

Observers say that, in fact, the East China Airlines planes have been installed with communication systems that can transmit operational data in real time; and that such a big official interpretation of the black boxes indicates just enough time is spent in covering up the truth about the crash and fabricating false evidence.


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