The Era Of “No Emperor, People Leaders” Is Coming, And A New World Is About To Be Born

In the Grand Live Broadcast on March 9, Miles Guo said that mankind is about to move towards an era of “No Emperor, People Leaders”, that is, a world without dictatorship and “by the people”.

After the war, a new world pattern will be born. When this war is over, Ukraine will become the center of Europe with its new energy, digital currency, space and other high technologies, rich natural resources, and the bravery and wisdom of the Ukrainian people. Australia and Canada will gradually rise.

The so-called “Greater China” will no longer exist. Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, etc. will be voluntarily dismantled and become sovereign and independent states. “Divided but not separated”. China will eventually form a federal system. Taiwan will be integrated into the surrounding countries, such as Palau, and the eastern part of Fujian and Guangxi to form the Republic of China. Russia and Communist China will vanish into thin air.

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Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Eleutheria Lee
Design&editor: HBamboo(昆仑竹)

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