Shanghai’s “Segmented Lockdown” Occurring Suddenly, the CCP’s Anti-Epidemic Mode Falling into Crisis

The precise anti-epidemic policy implemented by Shanghai was once hailed as a “model” by the official media.

Now, the outbreak of covid-19 happened to the megacity with a population of more than 24 million that has influenced 71 cities in 21 provinces across the country. Therefore, the authorities have taken the block and control measure in the city using the Huangpu River as a dividing line. On March 27th, Shanghai authorities issued the information that since March 28th, the nucleic acid testing would be implemented in batches and sections as the dividing line of the Huangpu River. The official stated that the closed-off management would be implemented to the residential communities within the restricted areas, and all residents can’t go out of where they live. All residents and vehicles can only go within the restricted areas not beyond. The basic necessities, such as take-out, express delivery, etc. should be delivered with no contact, and not be allowed to enter the residential communities.

At the same time, the authorities suspended the operation of buses, subways, ferries, taxis and online car-hailing. The vehicles of anti-epidemic, medical emergency, life support, urban operation, and emergency disposal can be allowed to go in and out of the restricted areas with the permission of the authorities or departments of industries, and the rest of the vehicles are not allowed unless it’s necessary.

After the announcement of the closed-off management by Shanghai authorities, local citizens began to rush to buy commodities with panic and some of the commodities were snapped up. Before that, the price of commodities had surged in Shanghai.

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