Cryptocurrency Is The New Kryptonite For Governments As They Rush To Regulate

A recent story by CNBC on 27th March 2022, reports on the relatively unknown phenomenon of cryptocurrency and the lack of regulations surrounding this new revolutionary currency that is no doubt going to take over the financial market in years to come for both personal and business use;  and surprise surprise governments across the world are not happy being late to the game and are rushing to the drawing board figuring out how they can regulate this currency to put them back in charge of what people have and how they have it.

According to the sources, Treasury officials have shown a willingness to understand the complexities of the crypto market and so-called stablecoins, digital assets that derive their value from existing currencies like the U.S. dollar for example HCN (Himalaya Coin) which is a currency people can use with confidence every day, designed with value preservation in mind, the creators believe that the global, open, instant and low-cost movement of money will create immense economic opportunity and more commerce all over the world.

HCN was created to deliver real value and utility to its users in their day-to-day lives. Available globally, Himalaya Coin will enable quick and easy payment transactions through the Himalaya Pay App, no matter whether you are sending or spending your digital currency. Also these coins and ones similar are exactly what the government is scared of as they have no real power over the current unregulated currency and we all know governments don’t like not having power, even if that power is at the risk of prosperity for the very people they are supposed to be serving.

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