Russia-Ukraine War in Stalemate, Where Does Putin End Up?

In the Grand Live broadcast of March 20, Miles Guo believes that, based on the comprehension of multiple intelligence sources and the development of the war situation, the dictator Putin won’t stop the war and would mostly likely end up:

1. Putin’s family persuade him to concede, or through various channels, to have Ukraine to concede to a so-called decent reconciliation. Currently, this is the ideal outcome without more casualties.

Or 2, Putin is assassinated by his insiders, or when Putin presses the nuclear button, the forces of justice intervene in the field of communications and technology to nullify the nuclear strike, and Putin is tried for war crimes.

Miles Guo said that, according to information provided by a country’s intelligence services, Putin is more likely to be exterminated. Once the Putin regime is subverted, the financial sanctions imposed on Russians will be lifted. This demonstration effect has a huge impact on the people in Communist China.Miles pointed out that the world now believes the two dictators Putin and Xi Jinping are emboldening and using each other.

Putin is the criminal who started the war, and Xi Jinping is the moneybag of Putin. The two have been unable to get rid of their relationship. Putin’s demise will not only deter CCP officials, but it will also intensify infighting and accelerate the dismantlement of the CCP regime.

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Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Su T.
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