Japanese Media Exposed Russia Assistant Officials Inciting Putin’s Aggressive Ambitions

The Japanese media launched a program on March 14 entitled “Manipulating the View of History, the Man Stalinizing Putin.”. The program focuses on the Russian President’s assistant official Medinsky , and analyzes Putin’s changing of his outlook of the world after 2012, especially his attitude towards the United States.

The guest speaker noted that Medinsky took office, coinciding with the unprecedented march of opposition to Putin in 2011. Because the United States supports the protest, Putin has developed hatred for the United States. Medinsky seized this opportunity to create a cult of personality in Russia and published several papers to pave the way for Russia’s territorial expansion, successfully prompted Putin’s ambition to complete the “Russian World”.

The host specifically pointed out, before Medinsky was put in an important position by Putin, he published a book, stating that “facts don’t matter, what really matters is how to interpret them”. It was the idea caused by the current Putin regime, Distorting the facts and disguising the war of aggression as the upholding of peace.

Japanese media reported that Medinsky’s deception and distortion of facts are exactly the same as those of the Chinese Communist Party. From Hitler and Mao Zedong to Putin and Xi Jinping, there have never been shortage of sycophants around dictators who are good at utilizing lies to incite ambition.

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