Gettr Pay to Be Launched in July This Summer

Kaelan Dorr, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Gettr, shared in a recent interview that Gettr will reach a historic number of users by its first anniversary in July 2022. Gettr’s financial payment system Gettr-Pay is expected to go live by then.

Currently, the payment system PayPal monopolizes the market, suspends user transactions at any time, and sells user information for profit. Paypal users cannot simply be ensured of privacy or security. Dorr said, Gettr-Pay will never sell user data, and users’ security and privacy are guaranteed.

Gettr now has 5 million users, and there will be several major projects to be done in the coming months to ensure a better experience for the users. By that time, Gettr-Pay will provide users with a comprehensive and diverse financial payment services.

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