Miles Guo: The Gap Between the CCP and U.S.

Miles Guo, in his live broadcast on March 20th, analyzed the root cause of the gap between the Chinese Communist Party and the United States with respect to their systems. Miles first emphasized that all politicians in the world cannot resist the temptation of power. It is guaranteed to lead to disaster if one trusts and has any delusions for any politicians. People must realize that an individual’s life is limited, and so is their ability to resist the temptation of power and money. Miles also pointed out that the strength and greatness of the United States does not lie in the number of great presidents it had throughout history, but in the political system of the separation of powers with checks and balances established by George Washington when the United States was founded. With this as the foundation, the United States has attracted a wide range of talents and elites from all over the world. As a result, many great companies that have positively impacted our way of life have been created.

In contrast, the CCP ruled China has no means of attracting talents from the world. It has even driven out the elite of its own country, because it is a system of adverse selection. Many talented people with ambition, just like the members of the New Federal State of China chose to go abroad to pursue their career. Moreover, entrepreneurs who flourished within the CCP ruled China can only have short-lived success. They are often taken down, after their success.

Miles pointed out that those who were unsuccessful in Communist China were reduced to slavery, while those who were successful were killed because of their wealth. And this explains why, since the beginning of the Whistleblowe

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