Helpless Xi’an people: Containing the CCP Virus Matters More Than People’s Wellbeing

Recently, aimed at accomplishing the ‘Zero-CCP Virus Policy’, the Xi’an city adopted various inhumane measures causing food shortage and many inconvenience. People are unable to receive medical treatment for illnesses and some delayed treatments lead to casualties. All of this have aroused concerns around the world.

A series of video clips edited by the Himalaya MOS of New York reflects this ‘chaotic of the time’, Xi’an under the CCP’s rule.

In the video, while Xi Jinping has announced success in pandemic control, Xi’an (with more than 13 million people) has been the second large city in addition to Wuhan to be locked down from December 23rd last year. There were 1,573 confirmed cases and most of them only had mild symptoms. Some Chinese observers were questioning if there were other alternatives.

Dai Rongli, former Deputy Governor of Yunna Ruili eventually voiced out for the Xi’an people that ‘the same extreme measures had been adopted in Ruili last year’ and the result was ‘locked down the city to lock down its people.’For several days, delivery of daily necessities was in chaotic situation and food prices are soaring. Renters coming to work from other cities nearly staved to dead as they did not have any means to purchase food. A staving young men was trying to pass the gate to find some food but was brutally beaten by the gatekeepers. Clips from the quarantined showed that their court gates were locked and doors were sealed. The policy also led families with old people, disabilities and sick members into helplessness. Grievances flooded the human rights websites.

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Sarahyy
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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