Europe is about to launch a significant anti-CCP action in the economic field

On December 24th, in the grant live broadcast, Miles Guo shared with his brothers-sisters-in-arms that the Whistleblower Movement has achieved one of the most significant accomplishments in history. Europe will introduce considerable action to destroy the CCP economically. 

Though he could not disclose more details, Miles shared some stories on good deeds leading to the relationship forming behind the scene. In 2008, Miles generously helped a British family out of a financial predicament. And later, many of its family members became important political figures in the UK. 

This fundamental anti-CCP action will be a milestone in the Whistleblower Movement history, which may ally with Russia, promote the activity of the United States and Japan, and eventually exterminate communism globally.

Translated by: MOS Health Team – Wenfei
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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