Zhikun Xie’s Sudden Death Demonstrates the Inexorable Fate of Playing the White-Glove Role for the Chinese Communist Party

In a live broadcast on December 19, Miles Guo stated frankly that Zhikun Xie’s sudden death, like the death of HNA’s Jian Wang, was the inevitable fate of his role as a white-glove of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

After cutting his teeth in the early years by illegally buying and selling goods, Zhikun Xie made his fortune by establishing Harbin Trust to conduct various unlawful and fraudulent activities, such as usury. Miles Guo, back in 2017, when revealing the corrupt nature of the CCP’s HNA Group, also mentioned Zhikun Xie’s relationship with Qishan Wang’s family. 

Miles Guo stated that Zhikun Xie’s brothers are all white gloves of Qishan Wang, responsible for carrying out the core plan of the CCP’s BGY (B: worldwide control of social media and mainstream media with money and power; G: bribe and buy off influence people, such as politicos, celebrities, scientists, professors, big business leaders; Y: use sexual bribery to control influence people). Back in 2018, Qishan Wang already warned Zhikun Xie to stop mentioning his ties to Yanyan Gao and Jun Guan, showing him two options to choose: to commit suicide or be silenced. Like HNA’s Jian Wang, Zhikun Xie had foreseen his tragic ending of being killed by his master, the CCP.

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Laniakea

Design&editor: Hbamboo

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