Use Hemorrhagic Fever Disease to Divert from Vaccine Sequelae while Xi’an’s COVID Outbreak

On December 19, several media reported that some cases of hemorrhagic fever were found following an outbreak of CCP virus in Xi’an. 

The initial symptoms of hemorrhagic fever are similar to those of influenza, with rapid onset and progression, characterized by fever, hemorrhage and kidney damage, and can lead to death in severe cases. 

Local health care workers in Xi’an revealed that the infectious disease unit of their hospital is full. All designated hospitals in Xi’an that can treat hemorrhagic fever are full, and some are even closed. The epidemic is serious in some areas, and several people have died. Some schools have been closed. 

Mr. Miles Guo revealed on the Miles Grand Live broadcast that the epidemic in the Communist Party of China has long been out of control and the vaccine disaster is underway. The reason why the Communist Party’s official media released the news of the discovery of the hemorrhagic fever epidemic is to cover up the serious after-effects caused by the Communist Party’s toxic vaccines.

Translated by: MOS Translation Group – Snorlax
Design&editor: Hbamboo

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