The subcommittee on the COVID-19 stated CDC put American lives at risk II

More and more doctors in the US question the Covid-19 narrative, vaccine, masks, lockdown and alternative medicine. Doctors and politicians have begun to encourage people to raise their voice about vaccine injury. Senator Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said on Twitter, doctors are waking up too. Thousands of them are speaking out against Covid-era corruption. “We were duped.” A former blackrock fund manager, Joel Jammal, published a book “Cause Unknown the Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 and 2022”, as he found it unusual that after the Covid-19 vaccine jab mandate, the death rate of healthy young people has been significantly increased. He raised a question: what is killing healthy young Americans? A few years ago, the CCP’s No.1 enemy, Miles Guo, warned Americans that the Covid-19 virus and Covid vaccine are bioweapons that were developed by the CCP to cause people’s death. The CCP’s main goal is to rule the world. Miles Guo is the victim of the CCP’s infiltration of the DOJ and FBI, he has been detained in MDC, Brooklyn without bail. The Congress should investigate his prosecution to find out the CCP’s black hand behind them.

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