Four Disasters for Elon Musk to face related to SpaceX, Tesla, Twitter, Guo predicted a year ago

On Monday, June 5, SpaceX confirmed Falcon 9 launched Dragon’s 28th Commercial Resupply Services mission (CRS-28) to the International Space Station from Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. This time, Falcon 9 would deploy 22 Starlink satellites to orbit from Florida. Elon Musk, SpaceX’s founder and CEO, retweeted the news on his Twitter. He also posted the sound clips of a Sunday interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on Twitter Space. The discussion was titled “Reclaiming Democracy”. Musk said, “Twitter was indeed expensive, but free speech is priceless.” He admitted that Twitter is not break-even yet. The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, and his SpaceX project is supported by the US Defence Department and NASA. It received heavy funding from the US Defence Department and NASA, Miles Guo said a year ago. He also pointed out that Elon Musk would be colluding with the CCP and having conflict with the US government. On Miles’s livestream on 11 May 2022, he pointed out that Elon Musk would have four disasters as he would be in bed with the CCP in the near future. The first one is Tesla and its stock would suffer the first big disaster caused by the Shanghai factory. The second one is that he would suffer a big disaster from a takeover of Twitter between him and the CCP. The third one is about SpaceX’s rocket launching. He would suffer sabotage from Russia and the CCP. The fourth is that Elon Musk would still dream and hope to have collusion and cooperation with the CCP, so it would be a political disaster for him. Miles Guo predicted he would not pass through those four disasters. The above one to three disasters have happened, and the last one is unfolding right now. He has information that the CCP would pay at any cost to make him silent. He is now being detained without bail due to the CCP’s infiltration of the DOJ and FBI since 15 March. The Congress must step in to investigate his prosecution to find out the CCP’s black hands behind the system.

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