Will The European Union Ever Wake Up To Communist China’s Unfair Trading Advantages II

The plan is expected to be refined and presented to EU leaders at a summit in June. It reflects attempts to balance the views of the EU’s 27 member states, maintain a distinct EU approach to China, and preserve a close partnership with the US, which has been advocating a harder line on China.

There is growing awareness around the world of communist China’s human rights abuses, including the use of slave labour and concentration camps in Xinjiang that hold over a million Uighur Muslims. China’s position in trade deals has been called into question as a result of these concerns, with much of its labour being either poorly paid or exploited through forced labour practices.

One of the many unfair advantages that mainland China has in the manufacturing field is due to their use of poorly paid and forced slave labour and that needs to be addressed on a worldwide stage, communist China treats people worse than animals and these archaic practices need to be stopped immediately. Severe trade restrictions and sanctions should be put in place before any further so-called ‘plans’ are written out.

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