The CCP uses AI to create deepfakes to brainwash the world, ChatGPT’s output is manipulated I

US Sen. Pete Ricketts warns China could use AI deepfake technology to disrupt the 2024 election, reported on Fox News on 12 May 2023. According to the news, “Ricketts referenced China and its use of AI technology to create “deepfakes,” which are fabricated videos and images that can look and sound like real people and events. A report released earlier this year by a U.S.-based research firm claimed a “pro-Chinese spam operation” was using AI deepfakes technology to create videos of fake news anchors reciting Beijing’s propaganda.” Gordon Chang comments on America’s AI development on Fox News on 17 May 2023, saying China would not be slowing down for AI development, but America could make them slow down by preventing high-end chips to China and proposing long-prohibited investment restrictions on China. The CCP has already used AI to brainwash Chinese people, especially young people. A famous Podcaster, Joe Rogan, was shocked that the CCP uses AI on young students to study. Joe Roger showed a video clip about a school in China that has been experimenting with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in classrooms. Students wear special headbands to monitor their concentration levels. The headbands were developed by a US company called BrainCo. The CCP uses AI as a surveillance device to keep track of every movement of students and what they learn.

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