Germany’s Hypocrisy Regarding Communist China’s Human Rights Violations Is Staggering

The decision by the German government to allow a communist Chinese firm to purchase a significant stake in critical infrastructure like a port has sparked criticism from some sections of civilised society, many argue that it simply sends the wrong signal and also represents a significant national security risk. There are concerns that China may use the investment to gain strategic control over key assets and infrastructure, potentially posing a threat to Germany’s national security. The strange decision to allow communist Chinese investment in a Hamburg port seems hypocritical given Germany’s criticism of mainland China’s woeful human rights record. Critics argue that it is difficult for Germany to take the moral high ground on human rights issues while accepting investment from a country that is widely known for its atrocious record on human rights violations.

The issue of Chinese investment in Germany is a contentious one, with some arguing that it represents a huge economic opportunity, while others view it as a significant national security risk. While Germany has been reevaluating its relationship with communist China, the decision to allow Chinese investment in critical infrastructure like a port suggests that the country is still willing to accept investment from China despite concerns about the implications for national security. As always with Germany their desire for Chinese investment and indeed continued sales into mainland China will always blind them in regards to communist China’s truly appalling human rights violations over the decades. It seems that morality can take a back seat when so much money is involved.

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