CCP produces Fentanyl to destroy young American and owns its distribution network II

Eventually, he partnered with a Nanjing pharma to produce fentanyl. The cost of this drug is almost as low as a penny in China, but it makes a fortune when it arrives in the U.S.

Miles said only former President Trump shouted out almost every day that fentanyl killed over 100,000 Americans during his tenure. The drug enforcement administration has confirmed that the amount of fentanyl seized by U.S. customs could kill all Americans a number of times. Recently, President Biden declared fentanyl is a crisis in the U.S.. Miles Guo cautioned America that the CCP is planning several strategies to destroy America. Fentanyl is one of the weapons used to target young people in America.

Now Miles Guo is a victim of the CCP’s infiltration into the DOJ system and is being held without bail. If the US wants to defend itself against the CCP, they have to take Miles’ information seriously and investigate his lawsuit for injustice.

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