The White Paper ‘Construction of China’s Internet Rule of Law in the New Era’ By The CCP

According to reports from CCP media on March 16th, the State Council Information Office of the CCP released a white paper titled “Construction of China’s Internet Rule of Law in the New Era”. The white paper is divided into six parts, which are firmly committed to the path of governing the internet according to law, consolidating the legal basis of cyberspace, safeguarding the normative and orderly development of cyberspace, defending fairness and justice in cyberspace, enhancing the awareness and competence of the whole society in the rule of law for the network, and strengthening international exchanges and cooperation in the rule of law for the network.

Analysts say that this is another new measure taken by the CCP leader Xi Jinping after consolidating his power and administrative control within the party. In addition, the CCP’s firewall completely blocks the sources of information for the Chinese people and has stricter control over people’s speech and influence. Any speech that is not beneficial to the CCP will be blocked and punished by the network monitoring department. The new era of the CCP is Xi’s era, and “unified thinking” must be demonstrated in “unified speech”. Furthermore, this measure is intended to prevent “three types of speech”: complaints from the people due to impending economic collapse and poor living conditions; social rumors due to Xi’s constitutional amendments and violation of party rules for re-election; and opposition speech from all sectors of society due to neglect of the suffering of the Chinese people while providing support to evil countries such as Russia and Iran.

The CCP seized power by “lying and violence”, and what it fears most is the exposure of its true nature and the freedom of speech. The “Construction of China’s Internet Rule of Law in the New Era” white paper is a shackle on the tongues of the Chinese people.

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