SDNY Attorney Holds Double Standards To Deny Miles Guo’s Bail

On March 25, Matt Palumbo published another article on Gateway Pundit, explaining the double standards imposed by the Southern District of New York(SDNY) attorney against Miles Guo’s right to bail.

After Miles was coercively taken away by the FBI on March 15, SDNY attorney Damian Williams called for Miles to be detained pending trial in a letter to the presiding judge Katherine Parker and arguing that this extreme measure would be justified for potential flight risk, despite that Miles has been cooperative during the 76 vexatious and malicious accusations filed by “prestigious” U.S. law firms on behalf of Beijing.

In comparison, last December, the same Attorney Williams announced charges against Sam Bankman-Fried, who was arrested after fleeing to the Bahamas and was released on bail after signing a $250 million bail deal. However, based on his financial statements, there is no way that Sam Bankman-Fried could pay for the bail.

Furthermore, Williams referenced the so-called “economic dangers” of granting Miles bail. He accused Miles of being part of a $1 billion fraud, which he argued to judge Parker was large enough to justify denying bail. Yet bail was granted to Bankman-Fried, who dealt with customer deposits in the tens of billions, and is accused of “disappearing” up to $2 billion in customer funds.

In addition, this article also cited a number of serious criminal cases that occurred in New York State in which the defendants all returned to society without any bail. The article emphasized that the biggest absurdity of all these is that New York state does not require bail for most crimes. But Williams is targeting Miles, emphasizing that bail is not allowed.

Miles should be granted the right to bail before the trial like anyone else. So far Miles has been deprived of freedom for nearly two weeks, which shows that the CCP is still pulling the strings of American sellouts. Without public pressure, Miles could be detained for entirely politically motivated reasons.

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