G|FASHION and G|CLUBS, the Main Purpose Is to Separate the CCP from the Chinese

On March 17, a large-screen TV commercial in Times Square in New York was showing G|FASHION, wearing a fiery red crocodile jacket G|FASHION models showcasing the latest fashion of the season. G|FASHION was founded in 2020, and is a global luxury brand, with the world’s top designers Ben Taverniti, Eli Azran, Doni Nahmias, Marcella Lindeberg and Miles Guo bespoke signature fashion brand. G| FASHION is the use of state-of-the-art craftsmanship, breaking the old concept of tailoring, aiming at innovation, fashion, nobility, and comfort as the goal, and is loved by those with taste. On various social media platforms, you can see many stars, and avant-garde singers wearing G|FASHION to attend the show or public activities.

In addition, G|CLUBS is a unique high-end membership program that designs memorable experiences or journeys for members. G|CLUBS is also a community of like-minded people. G|CLUBS accepts applications from anyone to become a member, and the member may cancel the membership at any time. The G| services and benefits enjoyed by Club members are listed in the terms of the contract, and they are compliant and legal, independent application clubs. G| FASHION. G|CLUBS and GTV all are design concepts designed by Miles Guo, the main purpose is to serve the elimination of the CCP and separate the CCP from the Chinese. No matter what in life, fashion, currency, and identity, we must decouple from the CCP and draw a clear line. Regarding the arrest of Miles. Guo on March 15th, the Free Miles Guo marchese going on in various places, and the investors of the G series have taken to the streets to make it clear that they have not been deceived by Mr. Miles Guo, they are not victims of Miles Guo, and demand Mr. Miles Guo’s release.

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