Australia Unveils Nuclear-powered Submarine Plan

According to reports, on Monday (March 13th) 2023, the leaders of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia issued a joint statement announcing the cooperation plan for nuclear submarines. It includes: the United States will sell 3 to 5 ( Virginia-class) nuclear-powered submarines. The UK will supply Australia with new nuclear-powered submarines in the late 2030s; In addition, Australia will launch its self-built SSN-AUKUS submarine in the early 2040s. This deal will fortify Australia’s military industry and deter military threats from Communist China, and the nuclear-powered submarines are difficult to be spotted on, equipped with cutting-edge cruising missiles for the long-distance voyage.

Australia will top as one of the seven countries in the world with nuclear-powered submarines. Adelaide, as the capital of South Australia, will be the SSN-AUKUS submarine is built. Australia is going to build facilities to expand the scale of the military industry across the country. A former Australian defense official pointed out that the nuclear submarine agreement among the three countries is aligned with Australia’s strategic needs to deter Communist China. Several submarines from the United States and the United Kingdom will be equipped in full service as soon as 2027. The alliance with three countries will also deploy hypersonic missiles, military artificial intelligence and network combat capabilities as soon as possible.

Wang Wenbin, the spokesman for the Chinese Communist Ministry of Foreign Affairs, criticized that “the latest joint statement of the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia show that this is three countries are increasingly embarking on a wrong and dangerous path, serving only their geopolitical interests and completely ignoring the concerns of the international community.” In response to the CCP’s criticism, the Australian official retorted: “Our approach is the behavior of the CCP caused. They continue to intimidate Taiwan by force and invade Taiwan’s airspace and territorial waters. Democratic allies will support each other, just as they support Ukraine against an authoritarian regime.

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