3/15 Event’ Raises Many Doubts

On March 24th, noted author Matt Palumbo launched a strong challenge to Southern District of New York Attorney Damian Williams in his latest article.

Williams filed charges against Miles Guo, the number one enemy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), alleging that Miles sold about $452 million worth of stock to more than 5,500 investors in his media company GTV, but without citing any of the alleged victims, three of whom have been recognized to be agents of the Communist regime. In addition, at a rally in support of Guo’s release, GTV investors said they were not victims of Guo or GTV, but of the SEC, the Department of Justice, as well as the U.S. federal government agencies infiltrated by the CCP, and Williams himself.

Williams accused Guo of falsely claiming the value of his company, GTV, at 2 billion when he “knew the valuation was false.” The evidence Palumbo uncovered proves that the allegations Williams made were not only false but ridiculous. The truth is that a third-party valuation report by the globally well-known firm Alvarez & Marsal put GTV’s value at2.6 billion.

By comparing Williams’ treatment of Guo and Sam Bankman-Fried, who was released on bail, in two similar cases, he gave Fried more favorable treatment. Palumbo found Williams had a clear bias against Guo. The Wall Street Journal also acknowledged in an article that Guo’s arrest may ease U.S.-China relations. The author questions how the arrest of one man could possibly ease two countries relations? April Moss interviewed Ava and said, “The U.S. is in danger as Beijing has thoroughly manipulated the Justice Department, the FBI, and the SEC.”

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