TSMC Founder Supports U.S. Sanctions on CCP’s Chip Industry

It was reported that on March 16th that the TSMC, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing’s founder Morris Chang declared the globalization of the chip industry is over, and also expressed his support for the U.S. efforts to deter Communist China’s chip technology development through export controls and corporate sanctions.

According to the report, Chang said at an event in Taipei on March 16th that globalization and free trade are dead in the chip sector, as people can see from the embargo on Communist China along with a list of it’s entities. The global chip supply chain will become more bifurcated as the U.S. acts to restrict the CCP’s access to the most advanced technologies.

Chang believes that China is at least five to six years behind Taiwan in chip manufacturing technology. But at the same time, he cautioned Taiwan not to be naive about its position relative to the United States. When U.S. leaders speak of supporting it’s allies in high-tech manufacturing, Taiwan is not part of that, as the US also has concerns about relying too much on Taiwan.

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