The Day Before March 15

March 15, 2023, was a dark day in American history because, on this day, the founder of the Whistleblower Movement, Miles Guo, was handcuffed and taken to court for interrogation by the FBI. It means that the Chinese Communist Party has successfully weaponized the American judicial system, and the DOJ, FBI, and SEC launched an attack on America’s judicial system. While the CCP launches unrestricted judicial warfare against Miles and America’s judicial system, it has also successfully controlled the mainstream media in the world because they have been reporting on Miles’s arrest with the same narrative.

 Why do the CCP and American traitors want to ruin Miles? What are they so afraid of?

 The Secretary General of the New Federal State of China, Brother Changdao Brother, revealed that a significant event occurred on the day before Miles was taken away. This event is key to disclosing how much the CCP has infiltrated and weaponized the federal government institutions. It might be the reason why Miles was taken away the next day by the CCP’s colluders to cover up the event.

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