Communist China’s National Health Commission Is Planning To Allow Unmarried Women To Freeze Eggs

On March 13th, the National Health Commission (NHC) of Communist China is discussing to allow unmarried women to freeze their eggs. Previously, egg freezing was mainly used to treat infertility and preserve women’s fertility, and unmarried women are not given access to egg freezing. The Covid, or Chinese Communist China virus vaccine has made it impossible for men and women to produce healthy sperm and eggs, so the price of sperms and eggs has skyrocketed. For ordinary people in Communist China, surrogacy is illegal, and egg freezing is disapproved. However, the CCP kleptocrats can use modern technology to produce countless legitimate and illegitimate offsprings. The CCP now allows unmarried women to have access to egg freezing. The CCP is planning to monopolize these resources for their own use.

 The New Federal State of China has initiated the “New Humanity” project, and unvaccinated healthy sperms and eggs will be auctioned on Gettr.

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