FBI Pulls a “Thief Posing as Judge”

Just after 5 am on March 15, New York time, on floor 18 in the Shirley Hotel in New York, US, an extremely ridiculous and tragic issue in human history happened in the land regarded as “the beacon of democracy” (before).

Hundreds of FBI agents broke into Miles Guo’s house and forcibly took away the founder of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Soon after, the FBI did like a thief posing as a judge: they called the fire department to report the fire (after they set it on fire). Many of the US government departments, including the DOJ, FBI, SEC, S.D.N.Y, etc., all knew too well about Miles Guo’s background and his goal.

Several years ago, they have gained valuable intelligence from Miles Guo about the CCP’s “3F” plan (foment weakness, foment chaos, and foment destruction) against the US and CCP’s ambition of dominating the world. Besides, they also knew clearly that the NFSC is an organization aiming at taking down the CCP.

Unfortunately, these US authority departments were 100% seriously infiltrated by the CCP, which led to the situation when mainstream media and the CCP’s external propaganda were united to discredit hero Miles Guo and his fellow fighters. When interviewed by Real America’s Voice, NFSC speaker Nicole spoke out the fact of this issue that the world should know.

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