Communist China’s Sports Portray a ‘Strong Country’ Filled with Weak and Suffering People

On March 12th, Gao Zhidan, director of the General Administration of Sports in Communist China, said in an interview with reporters, “The development of the three major balls is not satisfactory, especially the level of men’s football has been declining; The three big balls are going to be achieved, which is a sign of a strong sports country. It is necessary to deepen reform in terms of ‘ideological education and work style building, and do a good job in current work’.”

On March 7th, on the “FayFay Show,” Mr. Hao Haidong and Mr. Wang Guodong, professional football players, profoundly exposed the CCP’s sports ethics which include match-fraud, gambling, changing ages, and being involved in gangs as well as the CCP labeling of Chinese, stigmatizing football players with developed limbs and simple minds, physical destruction of athletes, psychological abuse, making people fight and distrust each other, with the slogan, “the winner is king; others are losers.” The CCP is in charge of everything, and forces Chinese people to accept slavery and other corrupt, dark things.

The so-called ideological education mentioned by Gao Zhidan aims to make Chinese people afraid to speak the truth resulting in the lack of ability to think independently. Under this dictatorial, autocratic, decadent, and dark system, people see the sports world in Communist China as “a fake powerful country, but truly, really a weakened people.”

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