The CCP’s Two Sessions conceals “war system” and “war economy”

Foreign media reported that consistent attention was focused on the threat of war in the Taiwan Strait. During the CCP’s Two Sessions, the CCP’s institution reform, CCP People’s Congress added alternatives of emergency quick legislation, and some Xi Jinping’s open speeches have been pointed as attempting to launch a war.

According to instructions for institution reform published by the CCP State Council, a new department – CCP National Data Bureau, will be established under the management of the CCP National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), yet the established local National Defense Mobilization Offices in local places are also managed by NDRC. Some analysts believe the CCP is preparing for war because the army needs logistical support, and NDRC will allocate materials and ensure supplies, which is the arrangement for preparing for war.

Some economics professors analyzed that the CCP’s NDRC is a planning department. Political and economical authority is concentrated in this department. The essence of CCP’s institution reform, Xi Jinping wants to centralize political power and control all resources in Communist China. Recently, Xi emphasized the need to achieve two “musts”: Must guarantee food supply and must protect the manufacturing industry. Both of the two “musts” are preparations for war. Centralizing power, controlling funds, contracting welfare, and controlling resources… Everything is indicating that the CCP is preparing for a war, for which the CCP is building a war system and launching a war economy.

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