Wagner Seek To Recruits More Troops Due to Bloody Battle at Bakhmut

According to Taiwanese media reports on March 11th, Russian troops and the Russian mercenary group, Wagner, have been engaging in a bloody battle with Ukrainian troops for seven months in Bakhmut, Eastern Ukraine. The two sides have been in a stalemate ever since. As a result of the heavy losses, Wagner set up several recruiting stations throughout Russia to recruit new soldiers.
Acknowledging Wagner’s heavy losses in Bakhmut, Prigozhin also took to social media, publicly criticizing the Russian military for inadequate ammunition supplies. He described the battle as a “meat grinder.” To replace lost troops, Wagner has set up 58 stations in 42 cities across Russia to recruit new recruits, but Prigozhin declined to disclose the number of recruits so far.

At the same time, Ukrainian presidential adviser Podolyako said that Ukraine decides to hold their ground in Bakhmut. He said the Ukrainian army wants to exhaust Russia’s elite fighting force as much as possible by restraining Russian forces in a few battlefields such as Bakhmut to disrupt their offence. Meanwhile, Ukraine is concentrating its resources elsewhere in preparation for it’s spring counter-offensive.

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