Communist China Seeks to Weaken the U.S. to Expand its Own Influence

According to the annual Intelligence Threat Assessment report released by the United States on March 8th, the Communist China dictatorship increasingly believes that weakening American influence is necessary to become the top country in Asia, a significant global power, and to achieve the goals of regional dominance and to expand global influence. The threat report critically evaluates various national security challenges publicly released by intelligence agencies every year.

 This year’s report significantly increased its coverage of Communist China, reflecting the intelligence community’s increased focus on Communist China during the Biden administration. With the push of both parties in Congress, intelligence agencies have invested more resources in China, the CIA has created a new task center focused on China, and other measures have been taken to improve intelligence collection and analysis. The annual assessment report stated that although the international community condemned Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Communist China will continue cooperating with Russia and attempting to challenge the United States. There is intelligence showing that Communist China is considering, secretly, providing deadly weapon assistance. U.S. officials have warned that Washington will impose economic sanctions on China if such support continues. The report also stated that with Xi Jinping’s third term beginning, Communist China will strive to promote the unification of Taiwan and weaken U.S. influence. The report also emphasized the espionage challenges posed by China, stating that Communist China’s ambitions and capabilities make it the most critical and significant intelligence opponent of the United States.

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