Western Appeasement of the CCP will Ultimately Backfire

On Miles Guo’s March 5th live broadcast, he discussed how on March 1st, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) rocket force entered Russian territory and directly participated in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. However, the West has remained silent. By doing so, the CCP effectively joined the war. From the first day of the Russia-Ukraine war, much of Russia’s logistical support and ammunition have all come from the CCP. The West is very aware of this fact, but they are too afraid to confront the issue. The West also has a delusional mentality that they can persuade Xi Jinping to not directly participate in the war.

However, once the CCP participates in the Russia-Ukraine war, the situation will be completely turned around. This is because the CCP has sent its rocket force and strategic troops. Additionally, the CCP provides Russia with an independent communication system that is in urgent need, including short-range Dongfeng missiles of 300 to 400 kilometers and Red Flag missiles of around 200 to 150 kilometers. In addition, the CCP also provided about four battalions of anti-armor weapons. The Western countries that support Ukraine will pay a heavy price for the appeasement policy of the CCP.

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