CCP Infiltrates US DOJ Using US Pop Stars

The news of the famous rapper Pras Michél has been caught up in the biggest financial scandal of the century, involved in high-stakes negotiations between global superpowers, and charged with major crimes. In the summer of 2016, Pras Michél had a meeting in France with Jho Low, a business tycoon based in Malaysia, and his brother Low Taek Szen. They discussed Jho Low’s ongoing matters related to the DOJ. Jho Low wondered if Michél could help him out. In early 2017, Michél communicated with TV producer Nickie Lum Davis, whose parents were major fundraisers for Bill Clinton. Davis suggested Elliott Broidy, one of the most prominent Republican fundraisers based in South California; and per Michél’s arrangement, they got to be connected with Jho Low. In March 2017, Michél, Davis and Broidy got to meet with each other. Broidy requires Jho Low to pay a retainer of 8 million dollars. If the team succeeded in persuading the DOJ to give up the chase of Jho Low within 6 months, he’d pay $75 million; if the task gets to take 6 months to a year, the amount would drop to $50 million. After that meeting, two companies were set up on behalf of Michél, namely, Anicorn LLC and Artemus Group LLC. Both are Delaware-based, and both accounts were opened with Los Angeles-based City National Bank. It is said that Broidy was devoted to persuading the US government to drop its pursuit of Jho Low’s 1MDB-related assets. Furthermore, Jho Low also expressed his interest in Mr. Miles Guo to Michél, in an attempt to somehow get Mr. Guo extradited back to Communist China.

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