Taiwan to Conduct Large-Scale Military Drills to Prepare for CCP’s Invasion

Taiwan media reported on March 4th that next week Taiwan military will initiate drills simulating the CCP’s amphibious landing and counterattack on beaches. The exercise will be held in Zhiben County, Taitung, and Zhuwei Fishing Port, Taoyuan City.

The exercise will be started in Zhuwei on March 8th-9th, and the 151st Amphibious Fleet will move to Zhiben on April 12th-13th for the second round of exercises. In addition, according to the Ministry of National Defense, the 192nd Fleet of the Minesweeping Department is also scheduled to conduct operations off the Southwest coast of Taiwan from March 27th-31st.

The report suggested that the exercise will aim at simulating the establishment of safe corridors for shipping during a conflict. The exercise will simulate the CCP’s invasion via an amphibious assault in 2026. According to the assessment in a previous report, if the United States and Japan intervene, the invasion can be prevented, but with huge losses.

As the threat of the CCP’s invasion becomes more prominent, Taiwan has begun preparing for all possibilities, including commissioning amphibious warships and troops, and strengthening supply lines. Taiwan Defense Minister recently stated that as long as the Taiwan military is well-prepared, they can defeat the CCP’s first round attack, and officers and soldiers are working towards this direction.

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