Decoupling, De-Recognition And Decapitation To Deter Xi Jinping’s Aggression Against Taiwan

On March 5, Miles Guo said on his Grand Live Broadcast that the current Taiwan Deterrence Act ( “Taiwan Conflict Deterrence Act of 2023,” … ect. ) of the U.S. will not stop Xi Jinping’s aggression against Taiwan. The U.S. needs to develop a new strategy fitting Xi’s profile. The U.S. Congress is working on amendments to the “Taiwan Conflict Deterrence Act of 2023,” including confiscating overseas assets of the CCP kleptocrats, expecting Xi Jinping will be deterred or convinced by other factions within the party not to invade Taiwan. But the U.S. lacks to see that Xi has very few assets in America or under the long-arm jurisdiction. Moreover, Xi’s power has been as strong as ever after the 20th National Congress, and his predecessor Hu Jintao, the only one who stood up and spoke out was publicly humiliated and taken away. Even though the amendment will affect other CCP kleptocrats, they are even more afraid to disobey. On the contrary, this greatly motivated them to make a last-ditch effort, especially after witnessing Xi’s unprecedented strategic victory against the United States through tactical balloons. Xi Jinping on the other hand, as a victim of communism himself, had a very tragic teenage. During the Cultural Revolution, he witnessed his father pretending to be crazy in order to survive, his old sister being forced to hang herself, himself being publicly criticized by his mother, and a period of starving and hiding in the cellar to escape being hunted. This greatly shaped his twisted and pathological personality and “nothing to fear” mindset. “I had a stubborn streak and was not willing to be bullied,” Xi recalled in a 2000 interview. “They asked me how heavy I think my crime is. I said, give me an estimate, is it enough to be shot? They said it was enough to be shot 100 times. I think 100 times is not much different from once, so why still be afraid?” Under the above circumstances, Xi Jinping does not fear U.S. sanctions as he still enslaves the 1.4 billion Chinese. Therefore the U.S. must develop other meaningful deterrents such as complete decoupling from the PRC, de-recognition of the legitimacy of the communist regime and decapitation operations if Xi invades Taiwan.

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