The US And South Korea Will Launch The Largest Joint Military Exercise In 5 Years

According to foreign media reports, the US and South Korean militaries announced an 11-day “Freedom Shield” joint drill on March 13th to strengthen defense and counterattack capabilities. This will be the largest military drill between the United States and South Korea in five years. U.S. military spokesman Taylor said that from March 13th to 23rd, the two militaries will conduct a “Freedom Shield” computer-simulated command exercise and a “Warrior Shield FTX” field exercise. The “Warrior Shield” will include a joint amphibious exercise, which is comparable in scale to the “Foal Eagle” drill before the outbreak of the Wuhan virus in mainland China.On Friday, the two militaries also conducted a combined air drill with at least one American B-1B long-range bomber. South Korea’s Defense Ministry said the deployment of B-1B long-range bombers demonstrates the determination and ability of the United States to use all military weapons to defend allies, including the nuclear weapon.

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